Green Lions by Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky

Avoiding both making words their tool and the rules of writing their master, Rogghe and Zabrisky enfold language as a co-conspirator in their poetic egg. Merging the radical collaboration of the early surrealists with the entirely personal secrets of alchemy, they initiate a manual for transformation that would have saved Jerry Cornelius books-worth of angst … Continue reading Green Lions by Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky

Too Obscene, ed. Jeremiah Walton

The works in Too Obscene are united by their portrayal of those parts of life usually deemed unpleasant or ugly. However the poems themselves show that, like the sheen of an oil slick, filthy and beautiful are not mutually exclusive. Too Obscene’s mission is to provide a home to poetry and writing deemed “too obscene” … Continue reading Too Obscene, ed. Jeremiah Walton