Fleeting Ink by Miriam Joy

Joy weaves together hymns in praise of feeling rather than deconstructing poetry with evidence that words cannot be other than a structure around anything of actual meaning, elegantly capturing both the power of language to show reality and its failure. This collection contains twenty-nine of Joy’s poems inspired by the concept of writing. The eponymous … Continue reading Fleeting Ink by Miriam Joy

10 Reasons you stop writing your book and why to ignore them

All of these are true of writing as more than a hobby, but they also apply to making any hobby more than a pastime.

Even ‘You’ve written yourself into a hole’: our experience changes constantly which changes both what we can do and what we see as worthy, so it might be surprising how infrequently our plans to progress need revision.

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Writers block copy

There isn’t a writer alive that hasn’t stopped writing, whether as a planned break or simply because they got out of the habit. It’s happened to me in the past and I’m sure it will happen again in the future. When it does, we often come up with excuses as to justify why we’ve stopped writing, but the majority of the time that’s all they are, excuses. The trick is recognising them for the lies they are and dealing with them. Here are the ten most common reasons people stop writing and why you should ignore them.

1 Your writing isn’t very good

You’ve just read back what you’ve been slaving over for the past few weeks/months and are horrified at how poor it is, so much so you’re questioning whether you’re a writer at all. I’ll let you into a little secret, every writer does this. OK, there may be a couple…

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Storm Around a Coffee Cup

After six episodes of Greenstar, Simon Cantan and I have both seen the potential improvement in both speed and quality that can come from brainstorming with someone else. However, the benefits aren’t limited to full-on collaborations. With the right approach solitary authors can benefit from the advantages of a team without the downsides. Simon and … Continue reading Storm Around a Coffee Cup

Rebel Yell by Garrett Robinson

Robinson’s portrayal of the artist’s struggle in a world that all to often measures value by financial success will resonate with anyone who has shared their creation with the world, and help anyone who knows an artist to understand their sometimes frustration. Steve and the other members of Rebel Yell have been tweaking their songs … Continue reading Rebel Yell by Garrett Robinson

Who Doesn’t Watch The Writers?

One of the most common pieces of writing advice is to not write and edit at the same time; and both scientific studies on the parallel use of different areas of the brain and anecdotal evidence of increased speed, word-counts, and other measures seem to justify its ubiquity. I have certainly produced more since I … Continue reading Who Doesn’t Watch The Writers?