Witch’s Sight by Crissy Moss

Combining the emotional turmoil and distrust of a classic witch hunt with fast-paced, airy prose, Moss provides a tale that explores complex issues of social and personal responsibility without becoming dry or didactic. Since time immemorial, the Acolytes have protected the islands of the Sea of Tears from witchcraft, and brought the protection of the … Continue reading Witch’s Sight by Crissy Moss

Witch’s Stand by Crissy Moss

Balancing world-building and political manoeuvring with a fast-moving plot, Moss creates a fantasy narrative that will satisfy readers who love depth without losing those who seek a dramatic adventure. This novel is the third volume of the Witch’s Trilogy. As such it contains spoilers of previous books. Okira has destroyed the Kraken, driving the acolytes … Continue reading Witch’s Stand by Crissy Moss

Witch’s Curse by Crissy Moss

Combining the epic power and constant peril of classic fantasy with nuanced character development and social conflict, Moss weaves a tale that both shows world-spanning tyranny and puts a human face on the cost of resistance. This novel is the second volume of the Witch’s Trilogy. While I’ve put a Friday morning sort of effort … Continue reading Witch’s Curse by Crissy Moss

Witch’s Sacrifice by Crissy Moss

Mixing a fresh take on high-fantasy tropes with a realistic version of young love, Moss creates a tale that will appeal to both lovers of epic struggles against evil, and those seeking a more personal narrative. Since the goddess abandoned her people, the islands have been plagued by the evils of magic. Only the tyrannical … Continue reading Witch’s Sacrifice by Crissy Moss