Anent The Conjuring of Thought from Machine

When one ventures beyond the comforting indifference of the crowd, one finds many vastly different, yet equally strongly held, views on AI Chatbots and similar such contrivances. However, to the enlightened mind only one opinion matters: that of the Prophet Lovecraft. And so I set forth to ask. Due to a foul confluence of unclear … Continue reading Anent The Conjuring of Thought from Machine

Season 2, Episode 8: A Tale of Sorrow

SCENE 3 Open on a back alley somewhere in Hyrkania: DR VAL ARRIA The ashes were trampled into the earth, but that’s not the strange part. Look how the blood has become like snow. SERGEANT SUBOTAI Does that look like a trophy rack to you? ARRIA I’d need to do some tests SUBOTAI Can you … Continue reading Season 2, Episode 8: A Tale of Sorrow

Discerning Sadness

Taking a break from his award-winning stint as a poltergeist, Alasdair Beckett-King has done some important research into murder investigations. Obviously, I hope none of you are planning to get yourselves murdered; however, as the socially awkward sometimes say, "It's never too early think about being late." Does one choose Iceland, which offers the option … Continue reading Discerning Sadness