The Call of the Void

Rather enjoying the cosmic dread in The Call of the Void podcast. Set in modern day New Orleans, the story follows Topher, a young man trying to save his father from a mysterious condition affecting him physically and mentally, and Etsy, a young woman who must confront a dark past and overcome the destructive forces … Continue reading The Call of the Void

Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Case Files of Erik Rugar by Misha Burnett

Burnett fuses the possibility of weird fiction with the solidity of crime noir to create a collection that is both a gritty detective story and a baroque urban fantasy. Dracoheim is a human city, but abuts the Realms of Nightmare. Ancient treaties and modern laws define the appropriate uses of magic, mysticism, and migration. Mostly … Continue reading Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Case Files of Erik Rugar by Misha Burnett

Strange Secrets by Mike Russell

Russell adds a dash of the strange to reality, creating worlds like our own that are fantastical yet plausible. This collection contains seven stories of everyday life with a weird or surreal edge. ‘The Constantly Empty Pool’ Rumours of the purest water in the world draw Mary Lou to a remote town in the United … Continue reading Strange Secrets by Mike Russell

Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett

"Haven’t you always wanted to be part of the shadowy underworld of outlaw spellcasters? To live the life of a magical gangster, full of danger, intrigue, unlawful conjurations, and bucketfuls of cold hard cash?" — Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett Misha Burnett, one of my favourite authors, is offering a chance for your name … Continue reading Red Shirts & Reviews | mishaburnett

Duel Visions by Misha Burnett & Louise Sorensen

This anthology gathers a mix of published and unpublished stories by Burnett and Sorensen, spanning the genres from overt horror to the almost meditative. ‘Black Dog’, Misha Burnett: The new custodian of a cemetery notices several different people taking the same dog for a walk: does the owner merely have lots of friends or is … Continue reading Duel Visions by Misha Burnett & Louise Sorensen