Green Shoots of Knowledge

With only a few days to go until the General Election, representatives of some parties are doubling down on the message that they are speaking for the nation. They might genuinely believe they are, but Parliament, the organisation they seek to be part of, isn't one person speaking for everyone, it's many representatives discussing perspectives … Continue reading Green Shoots of Knowledge

A Short Broadcast on Behalf of Engagement

Vote! Vote for the world you'd like. Vote for someone you trust to counter selfish policies. Even vote to keep another candidate out if that's what you choose. But vote. And remember, if your vote really were worthless, then you wouldn't lose anything by casting it.

Possibility Does Not Mean Utility

Last week Seth Godin proposed improving US presidential primaries by holding them on social media. As an outsider who is always startled to rediscover each time I watch the West Wing that US elections actively take up one-quarter of the executive term, I fully agree that the system could be improved, and that the internet … Continue reading Possibility Does Not Mean Utility