A Beginner’s Guide to Fangs by Matthew S. Cox

Cox skilfully balances the extremism inherent in both vampires and teenagers with the unique complexity of every person, creating young adult urban fantasy with both passion and depth. This novel is the second in Cox’s Vampire Innocent series. Spoilers might lurk ahead. With a whole fortnight of being a vampire under her belt, Sarah Wright … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Fangs by Matthew S. Cox

NYV: Goth by K.D. McQuain

Continuing his fusion of New York youth cultures with a fresh take on vampirism, McQuain embraces the apogee of music for blood drinking in plain sight: Goth. This novel is the second in the New York Vampire series. Ineffable mysteries of the first volume might be unveiled beyond this point. Having, barely, survived Gilles' attack, … Continue reading NYV: Goth by K.D. McQuain

The Van Helsing Paradox by Evelyn Chartres

Chartres fuses ancient conspiracies within the Church with urban fantasy to create a fast-paced horror adventure that doesn’t lack for depth. Clara Grey’s family live in decidedly ungenteel poverty in a small mining town; a poverty that slides toward destitution when her father dies. Everyone says his cough finally got him, but Clara is certain … Continue reading The Van Helsing Paradox by Evelyn Chartres

AMYM: The Mamluk Who Defied Death by K.D. McQuain

McQuain places the traditional tale of a person struggling to cope with vampirism in Nineteenth Century Cairo, creating a fresh perspective on the vampire tale to match his previous novel. This novel is a sequel to NYV: Punk. Potential spoilers ahead. The French driven back, Egypt seeks to embrace its place in the Nineteenth Century … Continue reading AMYM: The Mamluk Who Defied Death by K.D. McQuain

NYV: Punk by K.D. McQuain

Fusing one of the archetypal devourers of life with a culture defined by the raw expression of being alive, McQuain creates a visceral take on both vampirism and modern society. Palestine, Texas, is as far from metropolitan excess as one might get. Yet even that rural isolation is too polluting for Christian’s mother to allow … Continue reading NYV: Punk by K.D. McQuain

Cross Purposes

While there were many variation in the Western vampire myths even before they became the protagonists of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, one of the most famous traditional weaknesses is being repelled by crucifixes. In the original setting of pre-Industrial Transylvania, where everyone was a Christian, this poses no questions; but the movement of vampires … Continue reading Cross Purposes

Is a Vampire’s Castle His?

Law and popular culture are filled with examples of persons having total authority over their own property. Which raises the question whether a vampire requires permission to enter the house that they owned while a human. First, obviously, my thoughts are entirely hypothetical and not legal advice. Anyone considering vampirism should seek a specialist in … Continue reading Is a Vampire’s Castle His?

A Nighttime of Forever by Matthew S. Cox

Cox mixes teenage life, classic myths, and humour to create a vampire story that is neither angst-ridden struggle nor night-wrapped superheroism. After her boyfriend cheats on her, Sarah Wright is twice as eager to start college in California. However, when she wakes up in the morgue a vampire, her dreams of a new life are … Continue reading A Nighttime of Forever by Matthew S. Cox

The Legality of Being Seduced by a Vampire

Many people focus on the physical or moral risks of encountering a vampire: death, damnation, and so forth. And certainly do need to be considered. However, especially with the growth of vampires as romantic protagonists, there is another question that discerning students of darkness need to consider: is sex with a vampire necrophilia? With many … Continue reading The Legality of Being Seduced by a Vampire

Haventon Born by Becka Sutton

Sutton blends the most famous tropes of vampire fiction with lesser-known legends, parts of other myths, and variations of their own to create urban fantasy that is fresh without seeming muddled. David’s sister was taken by vampires. Recruited by the Order shortly after, he has waged a secret war to protect his home town. However, … Continue reading Haventon Born by Becka Sutton