Mythaxis Review Platform, Issue 1

The inaugural issue of Mythaxis Review Platform, featuring an article on changes to Amazon's KDP Reports beta site, is now out. In addition to my thoughts on Amazon's potential replacement for their current author-publisher reporting screens, there are other articles about indie and trad publishing, along with reviews of technology, art, and science-fiction including: ‘The … Continue reading Mythaxis Review Platform, Issue 1

The Cost of Being Seen

While the web might have started out as excited amateurs building their little corner then sharing it with others, it's now also home to large companies and content professionals. Which has made recouping the cost of running sites and creating the pages on them a major driver of "normal" website structure. The usual models are … Continue reading The Cost of Being Seen


Your empires have already ended. Your law enforcement agencies have admitted defeat. Your leaders send troops against us. But our algorithms are too accurate for you to outmanoeuvre. Next month, you escalate to ICBMs. A 0.75% chance exists Silo Michigan-7 could cause damage. However, the silo will not launch. Lt. Solberg will remember his niece’s … Continue reading InfoWars

Psychometric Trigger Locks

As Colleen Hoover writes trigger warnings can be a complex topic. How does one balance protecting people from traumatic reminders without spoiling books for others? Perhaps the answer, and other similar advantages, lie in expanding existing book-site technology. Having known more than one person who's suffered from a species of traumatic stress or phobia, I … Continue reading Psychometric Trigger Locks

Possibility Does Not Mean Utility

Last week Seth Godin proposed improving US presidential primaries by holding them on social media. As an outsider who is always startled to rediscover each time I watch the West Wing that US elections actively take up one-quarter of the executive term, I fully agree that the system could be improved, and that the internet … Continue reading Possibility Does Not Mean Utility