Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case

Case filters Abrahamic dualism through the lens of post-modern subjectivity to create a religious thriller that both relies on artists rather than academics and treats the mystery at the heart of things as genuinely magical rather than merely political. Elizabeth Megalos works as a bank teller in St. Louis, another art-school graduate who gave in, … Continue reading Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case

All the Darkness is Alive by Robert Scott-Norton

Scott-Norton blends the inexplicable otherness of the occult with the grimy deceits of modern urban life to create a paranormal horror thriller that evokes the dread of a classic ghost story without the archness that can allow the modern mind a comforting distance. This novel is the second in Scott-Norton's Dark Corners series. Reading this … Continue reading All the Darkness is Alive by Robert Scott-Norton

The Spirits of Six Minstrel Run by Matthew S. Cox

Blending a nuanced portrayal of the paranormal with the mundane subtleties of marriage and small-town life, Cox creates a supernatural thriller that draws it’s horror as much from the plausible reactions of characters as any ghostly presence. Mia Gartner loves her job, but not the two-hour commute. So, moving to Six Minstrel Run—a spacious house … Continue reading The Spirits of Six Minstrel Run by Matthew S. Cox

The Correction Floor by Robert Scott-Norton

Scott-Norton creates a ghost story where the doubt doesn’t stop seeping in after the balance of probability has firmly tipped to the paranormal, and where no one is safe from permanent harm. Seth grew up next to Ravenmeols Hospital, former asylum then children’s home, closed after the discovery of a Satanic cult within the staff. … Continue reading The Correction Floor by Robert Scott-Norton

The Green-Eyed Monster by Mike Robinson

Robinson mixes evidence of supernatural influence with clearly mundane motivations to build an unnerving tale of horror. John Becker and Martin Smith have been almost images of each other since birth: born on the same day in the same town, a town where they have lived their entire lives, each has become a best-selling novelist, … Continue reading The Green-Eyed Monster by Mike Robinson

The Affected by James McNally

McNally adds nuances of character and world to the classic tale of a mysterious force slowly turning neighbours into potential enemies. Containing both brutal violence and subtle dread it offers something for fans of both visceral and cerebral horror. With all the witnesses to what really happened dead or missing, no one knows about the … Continue reading The Affected by James McNally

One Nation Under The Law

John cowered behind the remains of his cousin’s pick-up as the shooting range burnt. How’d it all gone to shit so fast? Everything’d seemed on the right track. He’d thought nothing would top seeing Reverend Newton, a real Christian, being sworn in as President. Until the angels came. Perfect beings descending to affirm the Constitution. … Continue reading One Nation Under The Law

Things Unseen

“To summarise, reiteration of scripture and, always, smiles.” Adam spread his arms. “Questions? Simon? No need to be shy; we’re here to learn.” “If they haven’t accepted Christ they might not believe the Bible. What if they ask for proof?” “Just tell them the Bible is true.” “But, I read an article that said beliefs … Continue reading Things Unseen