Bona Fides by Ash B Whitley

Whitley blends para-science with modern espionage tropes, creating a novel that is both gritty, street-level superhero action and James-Bondian thriller. One moment Rowan Miller was a young woman looking forward to university, the next she found herself undetectable to other people. Being a living ghost is great for watching lectures, but after four years of … Continue reading Bona Fides by Ash B Whitley

You Probably Die Twice

Basildon Watt glanced down. Brass jaws snapped shut inches below as the clockwork alligators strained for his feet. Maybe not the best day to show off his new hand-stitched brogues after all. Not that he’d notice their demise. The scrolling laser would reach him well before one of the mechanical lizards got around to standing … Continue reading You Probably Die Twice

A Dangerous Year by Kes Trester

Interweaving a fast-paced espionage thriller with a starting-at-a-new-school social comedy, Trester creates a gestalt plot that will appeal to more than fans of either genre. The only child of an American ambassador, Riley Collins has spent most of her seventeen years moving from one dangerous capital city to another. And, with her mother long dead, … Continue reading A Dangerous Year by Kes Trester

Mercury in Retrograde by Merethe Walther

Focusing more on character than detailed nuances of technology, Walther creates a science-fiction tale with as much tension as a spy thriller. Aralyn Solari used to be one of the best smugglers of her generation - until the authorities suddenly ended up one step ahead. After three years in the galaxy’s worst prison, all she … Continue reading Mercury in Retrograde by Merethe Walther

Amber Fang: The Hunted by Arthur Slade

Combining the twists and turns of a spy movie with the particular challenges facing the humane vampire, Slade provides an urban fantasy that will appeal both to fans of both action and moral quandaries. Amber Fang is a vampire. Raised only to eat murderers with no remorse, she divides her time between studying for a … Continue reading Amber Fang: The Hunted by Arthur Slade

Ultimate Duty by Marva Dasef

Combining an interesting set of social and scientific advances with engaging characters, Dasef creates a spy thriller set against an intriguing galactic empire. Note: this novel is an uncensored version of First Duty. (Or First Duty is a censored version of this novel.) Either way, this book has more violence and sex, but the same … Continue reading Ultimate Duty by Marva Dasef

Time Walker Chronicles: Filling the Void by P.D. Kew

Mixing time-travel, metaphysics, and the surreal, the first volume of the Time Walker Chronicles skilfully weaves a plot that races along with all the panache of a spy thriller. Mitch is a Time Walker. Hopping from body to body to fulfil missions he doesn’t know, he embodies the idea of just being yourself. However, when … Continue reading Time Walker Chronicles: Filling the Void by P.D. Kew