These Worlds Also Are Mine

The ImmerseOrDie Anthology 2017 is now out; and I am in it. As are Simon Cantan and eleven other top indie authors. And it’s free.

So, if you’re interested excellent speculative fiction, grab a copy today.


Dragons & Magic Book 3 Release

In the Winterdark, N’Obuk, foulest of sorcerers, waxed in unnatural life. But, assisted by my trusted companion, Sir Simon de Cantan, I have breached N’Obuk’s fastness and wrested Sorcery itself from his grasp – or at least the electronic version.

Dragons & Magic Cover Reveal

Simon and I made a conscious decision not to have a drawn-out series of pre-release happenings for our latest joint project. However, the first two volumes of Dragons & Magic are back from the beta-readers, the proofs have been approved, and two quarts of green ink have been sacrificed to Dar’Mit, God of Finding a Typo After You Submit. So, I now reveal to you the covers: