Greenstar Special Features Release

Greenstar Special Features, collecting the short stories and crew diaries that Simon Cantan and I wrote to celebrate the release of each Season, is now available in ebook from major retailers. Pick up your copy today, before Pol mistakes it for a sandwich and eats it. The problem with a eco-friendly spaceship is that it … Continue reading Greenstar Special Features Release

These Worlds Also Are Mine

The ImmerseOrDie Anthology 2017 is now out; and I am in it. As are Simon Cantan and eleven other top indie authors. And it's free. So, if you're interested excellent speculative fiction, grab a copy today. From sci-fi to fantasy, from visceral horror to farcical scrapes, there's something for everyone. Available from the following retailers. … Continue reading These Worlds Also Are Mine

Dragons & Magic Book 3 Release

In the Winterdark, N'Obuk, foulest of sorcerers, waxed in unnatural life. But, assisted by my trusted companion, Sir Simon de Cantan, I have breached N'Obuk's fastness and wrested Sorcery itself from his grasp - or at least the electronic version. Sorcery The adventurer doesn’t fall far from the tree. Peony has a lot to live … Continue reading Dragons & Magic Book 3 Release

Dragons and Magic Release

I have ventured deep into the dungeons of online retail, and defeated the evil sorcerer N'Obuk. Victorious, I return loaded with gold, experience, and the first two volumes of Dragons & Magic. In a world where the statistics from roleplaying games are assigned at birth, a boy designed to be the ultimate one-trick wonder struggles … Continue reading Dragons and Magic Release

Upon the Casting of Pods

The first episode of the Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast, hosted by Simon Cantan and me, is now available for free on iTunes. Or watch the replay on YouTube. And you can do more than watch: We're looking for a third co-host: whether you're published several series or have the first manuscript that you feel … Continue reading Upon the Casting of Pods