Duel Visions by Misha Burnett & Louise Sorensen

This anthology gathers a mix of published and unpublished stories by Burnett and Sorensen, spanning the genres from overt horror to the almost meditative. ‘Black Dog’, Misha Burnett: The new custodian of a cemetery notices several different people taking the same dog for a walk: does the owner merely have lots of friends or is … Continue reading Duel Visions by Misha Burnett & Louise Sorensen


Dark Corner Newsstand Open for Business

I like short stories. I like reading them and I like writing them. And, whether you’re here for my reviews or to find out more about the stories I write, I suspect many of you like a good short story too.

So, I wanted to share this new project from the talented Misha Burnett: a repository of magazines and anthologies featuring short fiction.

That shared, I’m off to read something weird and abrupt.

Dark Corner Newsstand

This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. If you got here from my other blog, you know that I feel passionately about the need for a healthy market for short fiction. To this end I have been actively seeking indie magazines and anthologies that publish short genre fiction.

The market is growing fast now, and I’ve gotten to the point where I need a way to organize all the links I have into one place.

This is the place. Please pardon my dust, this is a work in progress.

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Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense

Millhaven's Tales of Suspense, featuring one of my short stories, is now available. While there are a range of tones, from straight out vigilante action to cosy investigation (complete with cup cakes), all the stories feature protagonists who take action rather than sitting back. A group of muggers discover appearance isn't everything. When the police … Continue reading Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense

New Pulp Action Story Available

My short story "Bad Beat" appears in the latest edition of Millhaven's Tales of Suspense, the latest edition of Millhaven's themed short-story magazines. In addition to my tale of poker games gone wrong, hard-headed debt collectors, and just a smidge of weirdness, there are seven other tales of mystery, crime, and espionage, each packed with … Continue reading New Pulp Action Story Available

Kissed by Literature: A Collection of Short Stories by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth layers nuances of character, plot, and world onto the basic frame of a fireside mystery to produce tales that capture the universal fear that danger lurks just beyond the light without becoming repetitive. This collection contains thirty-six short stories by the author. While they do divide into several settings and styles, the majority echo … Continue reading Kissed by Literature: A Collection of Short Stories by Jordan Elizabeth

Empty Fourth

No doubt you are familiar with Mr Abbott’s Flatland or the various explanations based upon it. Or perhaps a computer-generated visualisation of an X-dimensional entity encountering an (X+1)-dimensional object. I, however, discovered a manner of actually experiencing higher dimensions. Unfortunately, something in humans constrains them to only three dimensions so, during each experiment, I lost … Continue reading Empty Fourth

Friend or Foe: A MenoPausal Superhero Short Story Collection by Samantha Bryant

Combining diverse characters with the comic book action, Bryant creates a series of tales of realistic people in a world of superhero physics. Then, when the reader looks at the review, my mechanical squid drops the spoiler bucket over their head! This collection contains four short stories set in Bryant’s Menopausal Superheroes universe: ‘Intervention’: When … Continue reading Friend or Foe: A MenoPausal Superhero Short Story Collection by Samantha Bryant

You Probably Die Twice

Basildon Watt glanced down. Brass jaws snapped shut inches below as the clockwork alligators strained for his feet. Maybe not the best day to show off his new hand-stitched brogues after all. Not that he’d notice their demise. The scrolling laser would reach him well before one of the mechanical lizards got around to standing … Continue reading You Probably Die Twice

All the Time in the World

Plastic shards spray across the room. Suddenly, the hammer reappears in my hand. I slump down, another idea defeated. Building the tachyon bridge was my greatest moment. Portable time travel. Only a few seconds. But still time travel. Each moment of error could be erased as if it had never been. But some consequences are … Continue reading All the Time in the World

These Worlds Also Are Mine

The ImmerseOrDie Anthology 2017 is now out; and I am in it. As are Simon Cantan and eleven other top indie authors. And it's free. So, if you're interested excellent speculative fiction, grab a copy today. From sci-fi to fantasy, from visceral horror to farcical scrapes, there's something for everyone. Available from the following retailers. … Continue reading These Worlds Also Are Mine