Duel Visions by Misha Burnett & Louise Sorensen

This anthology gathers a mix of published and unpublished stories by Burnett and Sorensen, spanning the genres from overt horror to the almost meditative. ‘Black Dog’, Misha Burnett: The new custodian of a cemetery notices several different people taking the same dog for a walk: does the owner merely have lots of friends or is … Continue reading Duel Visions by Misha Burnett & Louise Sorensen


Huntress by Stephanie Flint

Mixing the most superficial of events, a beauty contest, with the enduring question of when means justify ends and a young protagonist, Flint creates a cyberpunk tale that will appeal to both fans of techno-thrillers and young adult dystopias. Koenigin Corp offers augmentations and nanite treatments that can cure someone’s ills or make them better … Continue reading Huntress by Stephanie Flint

Fractured Skies by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

The Flints mix the ethics of regime change, magic, future technology, and teenage angst to create a tale that is both an extravaganza of fantastical events and a nuanced exploration of moral choice. This novel is the second in the Distant Horizons series, and includes events that happen at the same time as the Glitch … Continue reading Fractured Skies by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

Out of Sight by Matthew S. Cox

Blending the common truths of being a teenager and being homeless with engaging science fiction world building and exciting challenges, Cox creates a tale that will interest fans of young adult, social commentary, and ripping yarns alike. Wars, disasters, and social collapse have turned Earth into to a single city-state distributed throughout the urban wasteland … Continue reading Out of Sight by Matthew S. Cox

H+ incorporated by Gary Dejean

Dejean neither confines himself to the provably likely nor indulges in flights of fancy, creating a story that is both futurist narrative and cyberpunk thriller. When disastrous floods hit Manila, political corruption let corporations buy not only an unfair share of safe ground but a tighter hold on government itself. Already reeling from the loss … Continue reading H+ incorporated by Gary Dejean

Ghost Black by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends speed-boosted cyber-action with more introspective questions about individual and social costs to create a seamless blend of action and depth that is likely to appeal to science-fiction and espionage fans of all flavours. This novel is the third in the Daughter of Mars series. Displaying this review might corrupt surprises in previous volumes. … Continue reading Ghost Black by Matthew S. Cox

Almost Ex-Com

I have a momentous announcement: I have almost completed X-COM: Enemy Unknown. I installed the game at the start of January 2013, so it's taken me nearly six years, including some agonising over how to replay missions if one of my mistakes was accidentally reversed by benevolent techno-goblins. Of course, the figure of six years … Continue reading Almost Ex-Com

Citadel: The Concordant Sequence by Matthew S. Cox

Cox creates a tale as much by what he does not say as by what he does, creating a young adult post-apocalyptic adventure that offers more than enough complexity to engage more mature readers as well. For eleven-year-old Kiera Quinn, life is an endless chain of school days so indistinguishable she could swear she’s lived … Continue reading Citadel: The Concordant Sequence by Matthew S. Cox