Psychometric Trigger Locks

As Colleen Hoover writes trigger warnings can be a complex topic. How does one balance protecting people from traumatic reminders without spoiling books for others? Perhaps the answer, and other similar advantages, lie in expanding existing book-site technology. Having known more than one person who's suffered from a species of traumatic stress or phobia, I … Continue reading Psychometric Trigger Locks

A Mask Creates Whitespace

For as long as I can remember, I've loved the taste of words. Not synaesthecially, not the way I love the taste of a good meal, but the way words feel in the mouth and in the waiting to be spoken. Which isn't why I started writing poetry. I started writing poetry because I didn't … Continue reading A Mask Creates Whitespace

ImmerseOrDie Index Improvements

As long-time readers will know, as well as reviewing here every Friday, I'm one of the reviewers for ImmerseOrDie. So, I'm sharing Jeff's announcement about the new search function there: The IOD index page is now super-charged. With over 300 posted reviews, finding the one you’re looking for was getting a bit dense. But that’s … Continue reading ImmerseOrDie Index Improvements