Collapsing an N-Dimensional Cube

I write this in a state of overwhelming terror. Terror that - despite its all-pervading nature - I have managed to utterly repress beneath a belief that I'm bimbling along cheerfully. An acquaintance introduced me to the Cube test; a narrative personality test that supposedly reveals hidden traits and perspectives by interpreting the items visualised … Continue reading Collapsing an N-Dimensional Cube

The Stravinsky Intrigue by Darin Kennedy

Kennedy fuses the archetypical symbolism of Stravinsky’s music with the individuality of modern life to create a tale of psychological exploration that is neither lacking in mystery nor overwhelmed with obscure metaphor. This novel is the second volume in the Fugue & Fable trilogy. As such, this review might contain some spoilers for The Mussorgsky … Continue reading The Stravinsky Intrigue by Darin Kennedy

The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy

Filled with the looming horror, comedy, hope, gritty images, and soaring possibilities of its inspiration, Kennedy has created a novel that encompasses several genres without sacrificing the depth of any. Mira Tejedor makes her career as a psychic, finding people and objects when others can’t. Compared to the harrowing images of a kidnapping case, the … Continue reading The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy