Übermensch by Mathew Babaoye

Combining one extreme of a post-scarcity society with a protagonist who starts with nothing, Babaoye weaves an intriguing answer to the question, ‘if you had no past and anything was possible, what would you be?’ Awaking with complex language skills and motor-control, but no memories, Id learns he is a bio-engineered slave of the mysterious … Continue reading Übermensch by Mathew Babaoye

Money For New Thoughts

The comments thread on Monday's post about paying people to write has revealed an interesting commonality: without controls anyone would sign up. So, I thought I'd post my response as a separate article: that's what I want. In fact, I want to remove the obstacle of needing even a pretence of using it to compensate … Continue reading Money For New Thoughts

Melting the Candle from Both Ends

On Monday I posted that denying yourself luxuries can be immoral. The interesting and challenging mindaeterna pointed me toward Slavoj Žižek's RSA talk First as Tragedy Then As Farce, which repudiates the idea of buying a feeling of worth completely: http://youtu.be/hpAMbpQ8J7g I agree with much of Žižek's analysis: unhappiness with a situation is a powerful … Continue reading Melting the Candle from Both Ends