The Friendship of Poets

Do I have friendships focused on poetry? Friendships where I bounce poems back and forth? They all are, or none of them are. I have friends who poet, I have friends who read poetry, I have friends who I met through poetry, but I don't have friendships that are based around poeting. Partially because, to … Continue reading The Friendship of Poets

A Mask Creates Whitespace

For as long as I can remember, I've loved the taste of words. Not synaesthecially, not the way I love the taste of a good meal, but the way words feel in the mouth and in the waiting to be spoken. Which isn't why I started writing poetry. I started writing poetry because I didn't … Continue reading A Mask Creates Whitespace

Generation Why by Nicholas Gagnier

Defining a generation more by a feeling than by happenstance of age, Gagnier speaks to those who have grown into lives of comfort but not meaning. In an attack more melancholy than brutal – yet no less effective – he exposes both risk and solution without reducing individuals solely to their generation. This collection contains … Continue reading Generation Why by Nicholas Gagnier

Cityscapes by Anthony Khayat (ed.), Sara Khayat (ed.), Gabby McCullough (ed.), and Willie Watt (ed.)

Revealing the immense power of individual perspective to turn even the most banal of experiences into a meaningful event, and then adding the counterpoint that this makes each person responsible for their life being banal, this collection suggests that the real cityscape might be the spaces between the buildings. Vibrant, emotive, meaningful, yet also fun, … Continue reading Cityscapes by Anthony Khayat (ed.), Sara Khayat (ed.), Gabby McCullough (ed.), and Willie Watt (ed.)

I’m Antisocial, Coffee Never Lies: Part I by Mallory Smart

Mixing cats, coffee, and mellow commentary, Smart peels back the masks of social meaning that cover our choices to reveal that it might not matter why we enjoy things as much as whether we enjoy things. From an objective metric perspective, this book is 45 pages long including front and back matter, contains five illustrations … Continue reading I’m Antisocial, Coffee Never Lies: Part I by Mallory Smart

Moon Facts by Bob Schofield

Like his muse, Schofield offers potential solidity, hidden by shadows and distance. Revealing where bees go to die, but not why, he offers this solidity to the reader as a basis for exploring further. This collection contains twenty-three facts about the Moon: not boring facts about astrophysics; facts about the Moon’s stance on crime and … Continue reading Moon Facts by Bob Schofield

Little City by Nicholas Gagnier

Gagnier provides a series of vignettes and perspectives, both supported and subverted by a light yet firm grasp of language. Holding together, yet having no common story, the collection is open to both the devourer and the casual nibbler. This collection contains 11 poems, loosely connected by the common setting of Gagnier’s home town; a … Continue reading Little City by Nicholas Gagnier

Fear Like a Habit by Mallory Smart

While this collection is, as Smart indicates in her introduction, fuelled by a youthful journey in search of alternatives to modern life, the rejection of the capitalist model is filled more with melancholy than rage. This collection contains nine poems on the "industrial city", a melange of the physical and social structures of the post-industrial … Continue reading Fear Like a Habit by Mallory Smart