Mocking the Devil

The rather knowledgeable and decidedly spiffy Yvonne Aburrow has issued a challenge to write an Occult Clerihew. In remembrance of the first conversation I had with her, I have chosen to respond with a whimsy upon the founder of the Church of Satan: The purveyor of ethical evil LaVey Liked his faith with a bit … Continue reading Mocking the Devil

WICKERPEDIA, ed. Kristin Garth & Nick Morrissey

Mixing perspectives on the power of belief, both good and bad, to shape lives with attempts to capture the experience of believing, the Garth and Morrissey create an experience as filled with poetry, awe, and horror as the films that inspired it. This anthology features twenty poems, five flash fictions, three articles, and two pieces … Continue reading WICKERPEDIA, ed. Kristin Garth & Nick Morrissey

National Poetry Day: Medusa by Louise Bogan

In celebration of National Poetry Day, a video of me reciting a poem of which I am fond: “Medusa” by Louise Bogan. (Words below for those who wish such) Medusa Louise Bogan I had come to the house, in a cave of trees, Facing a sheer sky. Everything moved,—a bell hung ready to strike, … Continue reading National Poetry Day: Medusa by Louise Bogan

Bonus Friday*

Today is apparently Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. In the spirit of small joys, have a haiku: Sun on scorched fields Two children sitting in dust Watch a lizard dance *A US Grilled Cheese Sandwich is traditionally fried rather than grilled so today is a fry day.

Create Joy in Our Native Server

Many years ago, most of the fridges of friends were accoutered with magnetic poetry kits. I discovered today via a friend that one can now play with several of the kits for free online. Spared both the annoyance of lost words and the conflict with sociability, it provided a pleasant and productive afternoon coffee break. … Continue reading Create Joy in Our Native Server


A poetry community to which I belong selected one of my haiku for October Poem of the Month. Which obviously brought me joy, but also highlighted how subjective the experience of poetry can be. A little cuckoo Echoes from beneath my feet A cave in winter The haiku is part of an ongoing series shaped … Continue reading Cucku