Improving Drab By Drab

I don't often blend my YouTube appearances with my blog: however, last Saturday's Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast was taken over by my drabbles. Do you focus on improving a specific writing trait? Which writing exercises do you find most efficient? Is the only way to learn to write, to write?

Some Nitty, Some Gritty

The Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast now has a third co-host, Edward Sullivan (who publishes under David Ulnar-Slew). And, in clear evidence of the universe being more than random, he joined on a week I couldn't make the broadcast: so you lucky mooks didn't have to miss out. Of course, I am now jealous that … Continue reading Some Nitty, Some Gritty

Upon the Casting of Pods

The first episode of the Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast, hosted by Simon Cantan and me, is now available for free on iTunes. Or watch the replay on YouTube. And you can do more than watch: We're looking for a third co-host: whether you're published several series or have the first manuscript that you feel … Continue reading Upon the Casting of Pods