Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010-2017) by Nicholas Gagnier

Driven by a mix of fear his life will have so little impact that his obituary will contain unnoticed spelling errors and a converse irony about the irrelevance of celebrity, Gagnier gathers poems that both showcase the arc of his life and gently mock the project as a naïve attempt to encapsulate something both complex … Continue reading Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010-2017) by Nicholas Gagnier

Generation Why by Nicholas Gagnier

Defining a generation more by a feeling than by happenstance of age, Gagnier speaks to those who have grown into lives of comfort but not meaning. In an attack more melancholy than brutal – yet no less effective – he exposes both risk and solution without reducing individuals solely to their generation. This collection contains … Continue reading Generation Why by Nicholas Gagnier

Little City by Nicholas Gagnier

Gagnier provides a series of vignettes and perspectives, both supported and subverted by a light yet firm grasp of language. Holding together, yet having no common story, the collection is open to both the devourer and the casual nibbler. This collection contains 11 poems, loosely connected by the common setting of Gagnier’s home town; a … Continue reading Little City by Nicholas Gagnier

The Killing Wage by Nicholas Gagnier

Filled neither with rage nor idealism, Gagnier provides an insight into the bitter ennui the socio-economic imbalances in Western society can raise in the enlightened underdog. Refusing to force an alternative on the reader, the collection nevertheless incites the reader to act by warning the current system moves almost inevitably towards a violent shift in … Continue reading The Killing Wage by Nicholas Gagnier

Ground Zero ed. Nicholas Gagnier

Although this collection of poetry takes as its theme mental health, it contains neither tedious sermons nor incomprehensible screeds. These poems share many different perspectives on the causes and effects but leave the reader to judge which perspectives are sane, which are beneficial, and whether there is a difference. The collection contains 50 poems, the … Continue reading Ground Zero ed. Nicholas Gagnier