Theme Tune to My Un-Life

Many authors name music as a major inspiration for their work: they have a theme song for their lead character, they create a specific playlist for drafting each book, they have go-to songs for particular types of scene. I am the other kind of author. Rebecca Linam's forthcoming article on music influencing writing in Issue … Continue reading Theme Tune to My Un-Life

Casey Douglass: Dark Ambient Review: Hastur

Those of you who've read Bloody Red Nose will already be familiar with Casey Douglass. However, what you might not have gathered from his deliciously distilled tale is that he shares my taste for Yog-Sothothery. So, it seemed a public service to ease you into the new arbitrary time division by mentioning his review of … Continue reading Casey Douglass: Dark Ambient Review: Hastur

The Unhelpful Valley

One well-known obstacle to the creation of prosthetics, humanoid robots and many three-dimensional animation projects is the Uncanny Valley: the feeling of discomfort that an observer feels once a replica of a human becomes very similar to but not quite the same as an actual human. One of the theories for why this occurs is … Continue reading The Unhelpful Valley