Against the Love of It

In response to last week's post about tearing down statues, Misha Burnett pointed out that positive discrimination denies white males jobs, grants, and other things they are qualified for. And I agree totally with his unstated assumption that it isn't fair to punish white males for the actions of their ancestors, in the same way … Continue reading Against the Love of It

Casting the Last Straw

Imagine you're driving along the road and someone cuts you up. I suspect you at least thought about swearing. Maybe thought about leaning on the horn. Did you think about writing a letter to the newspaper asking people to drive more carefully? Now, imagine you arrive at work and find a parking space, but just … Continue reading Casting the Last Straw

Like a One Legged Man in a Pie Eating Contest

One of the common battle lines in the (not)war for equality, is 'privilege': on one side the division of society into equality haves and equality have-nots; on the other the stories of white men who are stuck in a poverty not of their own making. The arguments of both sides can be compelling, yet they … Continue reading Like a One Legged Man in a Pie Eating Contest

Thoughts and Prayers

This captures my visceral reaction to the inertia in gun control legislation. And, for those seeking my more reasoned thoughts: Prayer is a dialogue with a moral authority about improvement. Thought is a process of analysing and reasoning rather than blindly following instincts and emotions. So, true thoughts and prayers in response to an … Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers