Of Tongue and Penknife

While flattening a stubborn package to go in the recycling, I was reminded of my first encounter with penknife ownership; and of the depths of feeling behind that moment. A story that feels apposite today. Many years ago, when I was a child, I was on holiday with my parents and maternal grandparents in Devon. … Continue reading Of Tongue and Penknife

A Change of Scale

Society is a system of compromises and balances. Fundamentally, it exists because a group accepts the benefits of scale outweigh the loss of individual freedoms. However, the balance sometimes appears off, and proposed solutions can seem to tilt it the wrong way. This often leads to two sides - each of which can justify their … Continue reading A Change of Scale

Like a One Legged Man in a Pie Eating Contest

One of the common battle lines in the (not)war for equality, is 'privilege': on one side the division of society into equality haves and equality have-nots; on the other the stories of white men who are stuck in a poverty not of their own making. The arguments of both sides can be compelling, yet they … Continue reading Like a One Legged Man in a Pie Eating Contest

Thoughts and Prayers

This captures my visceral reaction to the inertia in gun control legislation. https://youtu.be/u7ZfL-TOZO0 And, for those seeking my more reasoned thoughts: Prayer is a dialogue with a moral authority about improvement. Thought is a process of analysing and reasoning rather than blindly following instincts and emotions. So, true thoughts and prayers in response to an … Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers

Gestalt Not GetStuffed

There's no denying that at least some social change has occurred because of a small number of activists highlighting injustice until support for change becomes the new normal, However, is that transition from vocal in minority to accepted among the majority slowed because so many activists discuss the change they seek within a zero-sum framework? … Continue reading Gestalt Not GetStuffed