There Ain’t No Devil, That’s Just God When He’s Drunk

I am still recovering from an illness that should not be (described); so it seemed appropriate to share this interesting article from one of my favourite authors of metaMythos speculative fiction.


“Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one-the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.”

C. S. Lewis
The Screwtape Letters

 This is a followup to this morning’s post on moral peril in fiction.  As I said in my other post, I do believe that protagonists should do the right thing (or at least as close to right as they can, as often as they can) but I enjoy the narrative tension of asking not only, “will the hero win?” but also, “will the hero remain a hero?”

What makes a character a “good guy” is an ethos.  In order to create believable moral peril–what I called “a credible threat of damnation”–that ethos has to be clear, sympathetic, breakable, and limiting. Let’s take a look at those attributes.

Clear: In order for the reader to understand that the character…

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Feeding the Mind

Today is World Literacy Day. If you follow my blog, you already benefit from this powerful skill. And if you are anything like me, you are looking for works upon which to use it, so I thought I would share a list of authors whose work I really enjoyed in the last 12 months. Based … Continue reading Feeding the Mind

Debbie Manber Kupfer Interviews Misha Burnett

An interesting insight into how Fauxpocalypse came to be.



Today on Paws4Thought I present an interview with Misha Burnett.

Tell us about Fauxpocalypse.

It’s an anthology of original stories with a common theme. I put an open call out on the internet and received submissions from a wide variety of authors, some self-published, some traditionally published, some for whom this is their first publication. The contributors span the globe, America, Europe, Australia, and range in age from 13 to, well, I’m 50, and I may or may not be the oldest. The majority of the contributors have never met face-to-face and the entire project was put together via e-mail.

How did you come up with the idea?

Just about a year ago a major storm was predicted for the city where I live. Weather forecasters were calling for 6-12 inches of snow. Utility companies had emergency crews in place. Everyone was stocking up on canned goods and bottled water…

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The Not End of the World Is Here!

This afternoon I received confirmation from Amazon that the Kindle version of Fauxpocalypse is live. So I am now both a published author and an author-publisher. Life on Earth is predicted to end on 15 July 2015. But the oncoming megatons of rock and ice break up shortly before impact. Now humanity must live in … Continue reading The Not End of the World Is Here!

Signed Copies of Two Great Books

The replacement for my ailing hard drive arrived earlier today, so I am taking a break from the usual Monday post of substance to fit it.

However, you can use the time you would have spent reading my post to obtain signed copies of two of my favourite books, Catskinner’s Book and Cannibal Hearts.


Many of you have been asking for a print edition of Cannibal Hearts, and so here it is.  I have copies on the shelf at All On The Same Page Bookstore, 11052 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141.  

All On The Same Page is locally owned and operated by Robin Tidwell, who is a self-published author and also operates a small press, Rocking Horse Publishing.

She is a wonderful contact for local self-published authors, she hosts launch parties, book signings, local author’s fairs–a tireless promoter. (Okay, so she does get tired, but she keeps going anyway.)  I really can’t say enough about the bookstore–the local and self-published section of the store is huge–seriously, most of the front half of the store.

Sure, you’re thinking, that’s fine for folks who are lucky enough to reside in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area, but what about the legions of…

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Cannibal Hearts by Misha Burnett

This sequel to Catskinner's Book continues the theme of individuals trying to live their lives between the looming threat of extra-dimensional entities and mundane reality. The rest of this review may contain spoilers for Catskinner's Book. This book is the second in The Book of Lost Doors series. James has recovered from the events of … Continue reading Cannibal Hearts by Misha Burnett

Thinking Beyond The Plane Of Genre: Guest Post by Misha Burnett

In a variation from both the usual schedule and usual author, today's post is written by Misha Burnett whose novel, Catskinner's Book, I reviewed last Friday. For more of his thoughts on this, and other topics, I recommend his blog. Euclid defined geometry with five postulates. The fifth of these is the “parallel postulate” which … Continue reading Thinking Beyond The Plane Of Genre: Guest Post by Misha Burnett