Ultimate Duty by Marva Dasef

Combining an interesting set of social and scientific advances with engaging characters, Dasef creates a spy thriller set against an intriguing galactic empire. Note: this novel is an uncensored version of First Duty. (Or First Duty is a censored version of this novel.) Either way, this book has more violence and sex, but the same … Continue reading Ultimate Duty by Marva Dasef

The Tales of Abu Nuwas: Setara’s Genie by Marva Dasef

Interweaving the high fantasy of A Thousand and One Nights with the gritty reality of poverty, Dasef creates a light adventure that does not lack for depth. Each day, Abu Nuwas sits in the bazaar telling stories to anyone who will give him food or coin. Nadja walks the same bazaar, selling tiny bags of … Continue reading The Tales of Abu Nuwas: Setara’s Genie by Marva Dasef

Missing, Assumed Dead by Marva Dasef

Combining a sense of threat with modern love, without either descending into brutality or over-idealising events, Dasef creates a mystery-romance that will appeal to a range of readers. When Kameron McBride relieves court papers notifying her she is the last living relative of a man she has never even heard of, she considers telling the … Continue reading Missing, Assumed Dead by Marva Dasef