A Cloak of Red by Brenna Gawain

Gawain merges magical battles with paranoia to create gritty small-unit fantasy. While this novel is the first in Gawain’s The Tenth Kingdom series, it refers to events other series set in Underrealm. There might therefore be spoilers ahead. In exchange for the funds to attend the Academy for Wizards, Theren contracted to serve her patron … Continue reading A Cloak of Red by Brenna Gawain

the Light by Jim Alexander

Alexander portrays a world fundamentally different from our own yet also almost identical, creating an exciting and immersive tale that also casts a light on humanity’s relationship with death. Following a sublime event, humans gained the ability to know that this is the day they will die—although not how. A knowledge that can be confirmed … Continue reading the Light by Jim Alexander

Harlem Smoke by James Champagne

Champagne blends psychogeography and philosophy with pop culture and torture-porn to create a post-modern collage of Lovecraftian dissonance. Nearly a decade ago, Isaac Grimalkin (under the name of the Reznorian pseudo-group ‘Dunwich Posse’) released “Harlem Smoke”, a Lovecraftian horrorcore hip-hop album. Abandoning his burgeoning music career when murderers and suicides cited his work as “inspiration” … Continue reading Harlem Smoke by James Champagne

The Cursed Crown by Matthew S. Cox

Cox smoothly blends questions of metaphysics with grimy fantasy and diverse characters to create a young adult tale that is both deep and fast-paced, uplifting and realistic. This novel is the sequel to The Eldritch Heart. As Cox himself says at the start, sharp pointy spoilers ahead. With the twenty-five-year war against Evermoor over, King … Continue reading The Cursed Crown by Matthew S. Cox

The Chronicles of Underrealm Collection One: A Book of Underrealm, (ed.) Garrett Robinson

Robinson gathers eleven short stories by several authors set across the history and geography of his fantasy realm, providing both an expanded perspective on it and a series of tales engaging in themselves. “Tavern Crossings”, Garrett Robinson: Lauren, called The Nightblade, tracks a rogue wizard to a tavern. Ebon, black sheep of his merchant family … Continue reading The Chronicles of Underrealm Collection One: A Book of Underrealm, (ed.) Garrett Robinson

Stone Heart by Garrett Robinson

Robinson explores the implications of shape-shifting magic on gender while also providing a fantasy tale packed with both action and politics. This is the second volume in the Tales of the Wanderer. There may be spoilers ahead. After listening to Albern’s tale and helping him foil a vampire attack, Sun has chosen to leave the … Continue reading Stone Heart by Garrett Robinson

The April Showers F/F Sci-fi and Fantasy Book Fair

The April Showers F/F Sci-fi and Fantasy Book Fair curated by LC Mawson starts today, featuring fifteen speculative fiction books where a protagonist is in a female/female relationship. Obviously, part of my interest in April Showers comes from one of those fifteen being Seven Stones: The Complete Series. However, I also support there being more … Continue reading The April Showers F/F Sci-fi and Fantasy Book Fair

Weaver’s Folly by Sarah Madsen

Blending the mystical and technological without either losing their distinction or creating an arbitrary division, Madsen creates a world part way between urban high-fantasy and cyberpunk thriller. When elves revealed themselves to the world, they kept the existence of magic a secret. Living among humans, they seem to enjoy the same pursuits, use the same … Continue reading Weaver’s Folly by Sarah Madsen

The Eldritch Heart by Matthew S. Cox

Cox fuses the classic tale of a destined saviour with the equally classic tale of a love society will not understand without becoming constrained by either. The result is lesbian fantasy that transcends a sense of political agenda. For sixteen years, Princess Oona Talomir has lived a life of privilege marred by only two things. … Continue reading The Eldritch Heart by Matthew S. Cox