Some Nitty, Some Gritty

The Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast now has a third co-host, Edward Sullivan (who publishes under David Ulnar-Slew). And, in clear evidence of the universe being more than random, he joined on a week I couldn't make the broadcast: so you lucky mooks didn't have to miss out. Of course, I am now jealous that … Continue reading Some Nitty, Some Gritty

I’m Thinking About Thinking About…

As frequent readers will know, I post quite a few philosophical, social, or political pieces; and those are only outlet for my perspectives and musings. Unsurprisingly, I am sometimes accused of over-thinking these issues. However, this is patently inaccurate: I over-think everything. For example, earlier this month I purchased a different brand of oats. The … Continue reading I’m Thinking About Thinking About…

A Helping Hand Not a Slap on the Wrist

Several months ago, I wrote about my belief rehabilitation was the highest aim of penal sanction. Yesterday I discovered that the potential benefit extends further than I thought: even psychopaths, those least inclined to value the good of whole, might benefit from rehabilitation rather than isolation. Assisting the most extreme criminals to better interact with … Continue reading A Helping Hand Not a Slap on the Wrist

Irony Lurks Under Every Bush

Going through an old folder I found this interesting talk by Jonathan Drori on perniciousness of established belief: Depending on whether you score on matching answers or theoretical correctness, I scored between two and four out of four. I came up with two answers to the bulb question, neither of which match his approach, but … Continue reading Irony Lurks Under Every Bush

Apply Daily For Best Results

I am left-handed. So I encountered many theories about left-handed people while growing up; some more complementary than others. One of the more interesting theories was that left-handed people are either noticeably above or below average intelligence. Growing up a voracious reader, getting into a good school, gaining good grades in my exams, I felt … Continue reading Apply Daily For Best Results