A Sprained Ankle of a Deal

After going into extra time, COP26 has produced a result. A result that has been cast as great or terrible by different sources. I'm still pondering the nuances but my immediate impression is that it's as good as falling from a second-storey window and spraining one's ankle. Imagine falling from the window, that hollow sensation … Continue reading A Sprained Ankle of a Deal

The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey

Hickey mixes theories of mind, characterful situations, and reader choice to produce a book that is both an interesting story and a blurred mirror on the reader’s free will. You are offered a place on a scientific study into whether human choices can be predicted a week in advance. You are a potential juror in … Continue reading The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey

Is a Vampire’s Castle His?

Law and popular culture are filled with examples of persons having total authority over their own property. Which raises the question whether a vampire requires permission to enter the house that they owned while a human. First, obviously, my thoughts are entirely hypothetical and not legal advice. Anyone considering vampirism should seek a specialist in … Continue reading Is a Vampire’s Castle His?

The Legality of Being Seduced by a Vampire

Many people focus on the physical or moral risks of encountering a vampire: death, damnation, and so forth. And certainly do need to be considered. However, especially with the growth of vampires as romantic protagonists, there is another question that discerning students of darkness need to consider: is sex with a vampire necrophilia? With many … Continue reading The Legality of Being Seduced by a Vampire

My Client Didn’t Do It, He Had Good Reason to Do It, and He Doesn’t Deserve to Be Punished

Earlier this morning, there was a thread in one of my social media digests about trespassing to save a pet. As is common on the internet, the conversation shifted back and forth, becoming more complex and diffuse as opinions on the reasonableness of certain behaviours mixed with opinions on their legality, and with opinions on … Continue reading My Client Didn’t Do It, He Had Good Reason to Do It, and He Doesn’t Deserve to Be Punished

Thoughts and Prayers

This captures my visceral reaction to the inertia in gun control legislation. https://youtu.be/u7ZfL-TOZO0 And, for those seeking my more reasoned thoughts: Prayer is a dialogue with a moral authority about improvement. Thought is a process of analysing and reasoning rather than blindly following instincts and emotions. So, true thoughts and prayers in response to an … Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers

Why Oppose When You Can Embrace?

Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody. - Franklin Pierce Adams I understand the desire to prevent someone from gaining power, to seek the path of least danger, but if the system isn't producing candidates you can vote for then you need the system … Continue reading Why Oppose When You Can Embrace?