Thomasine by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends the tropes of folk horror with the intensity of teenage belief, creating a story that asks “what if everyone really was watching you?” Thomasine was born in the same small rural town in the USA as her father, her grandparents, and most of her other relatives. Her childhood was filled with nightmares of … Continue reading Thomasine by Jordan Elizabeth

Wicked Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends elements of political thriller and frontier action with the mystical end of steampunk to create a tale that has both style and substance. This is the third volume of The Treasure Chronicles series. Spoilers for previous books might leap out, rise up, or otherwise manifest after this point. With the army no longer … Continue reading Wicked Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth

Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth

Fusing necromancy and steampunk devices with a classic Western tale of honest ranchers facing corrupt officials, Elizabeth provides a fantasy Western that has much to attract fans of either genre. Fleeing from the military after mistakenly consuming a chemical that grants the power to raise the dead, Clark Griffin is pretending to be the son … Continue reading Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth

Tabitha’s Death by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends the intimacy of despair with the universal resonance of fairy tales, creating a bleak yet engaging young adult fantasy novel. While Elizabeth handles the topic sympathetically rather than seeking to titillate or shock, readers should be aware this book contains overt mentions of self-harm and suicide. The death of her best friend unravels … Continue reading Tabitha’s Death by Jordan Elizabeth

Hawthorne High by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth transports the trappings of a classic ghost story to the tawdry dystopia of a US high school, amplifying the exclusion faced by those whose life includes—or publicly includes—other than the narrow list of socially acceptable things. Dylan Hatfield’s grandmother suffers from dementia. And, ever since moving to Hawthorne, Dylan has been followed by imaginary … Continue reading Hawthorne High by Jordan Elizabeth

Janna of Castle Ambrose by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth riffs on the classic image of the monster in the lake to create an accessible fantasy tale about the difference between the clarity of stories and the reality of life. As the daughter of the Earl’s butler, Janna had a happy life at Castle Ambrose playing with the Earl’s children—until a conquering army sacked … Continue reading Janna of Castle Ambrose by Jordan Elizabeth

Treasure, Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends cowboy action with a touch of steampunk technology and magic to create a tale that might appeal to both fantasy and western fans. Clark grew up in the brothel where his mother works, sneaking the occasional valuable from her clients’ clothes while they’re distracted. However, when the flask of absinthe he steals from … Continue reading Treasure, Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth

Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth shrinks the post-apocalyptic settlement trope down almost to a single family, starkly portraying how close the edge of human control becomes without ubiquitous civilisation. One moment, Zara is wondering whether her uncle will turn his music down enough that she can revise and what the searing flash outside the kitchen window is. The next … Continue reading Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth

Castle of Blue Stones by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth creates a claustrophobic variation on the young adult trope of plucky teen vs. dystopian regime that feels realistic yet fantastical. Since she can remember, Jaisy has lived in the remote castle in the mountains, a castle the inhabitants can see only in shades of blue. The Guardians, leaders of the bureaucracy that sustains the … Continue reading Castle of Blue Stones by Jordan Elizabeth

Fanya in the Underworld by Jordan Elizabeth

Mixing magic, steampunk, and colonialism, Elizabeth creates a fantasy tale that is fast-paced and personal without sacrificing depth and wider consequence. Fanya’s father was her father’s rightful heir; Instead the Council granted her inheritance to her stepmother; an inheritance that is being sold to unscrupulous men and the profits frittered away. Hoping to protect her … Continue reading Fanya in the Underworld by Jordan Elizabeth