Pulping the Classics

I had a conversation over the weekend about whether certain genres need to be about particular things or whether they can be an aesthetic. And, as is common with discussion of genre boundaries, the discussion soon sent out a tendril into the field of literature vs. genre fiction. While the difference—if any—between literary and genre … Continue reading Pulping the Classics

The Film That Should Not Be!

As further evidence of a universe that basks in blessed madness, Episode 92 of the Geek Podcast: The Nasgûl & The Bus Driver makes passing reference to one of my moments of Yog-Sothothic whimsy. For those seeking the ultimate in roiling blasphemy, it's also on iTunes. Should you feel mentally prepared for those secrets Charlie … Continue reading The Film That Should Not Be!

Either Way, It’s Better Than Imaginary Enemies

This short film about growing up seen from the perspective of a girl's imaginary friend rather pleased me: https://youtu.be/n8OKxZtJX5M Not utterly sure whether abandoning the imaginary is a necessary part of adulthood - but then I suspect most authors would be silent without their imaginary companions - but the aesthetics are most apposite to my … Continue reading Either Way, It’s Better Than Imaginary Enemies

Fear of the Spork

“My theory? These are what kept humans from dying out like the Torgal.” Ambassador Zarlec pointed a spindly finger at a cabinet. “Spoons?” “Not just spoons. Horn spoons. Wooden spoons.” “And...?” The ambassador’s eyes flickered grey with embarrassment. “If you focus the emitter from a portable scanner just right, you can make metal twist. When … Continue reading Fear of the Spork

Esteemed Vampire Cat by Tyrolin Puxty

Puxty displays paranormal romance and Boschian demonology through the lens of slapstick and surrealism to produce a story that is both amusing and thrilling. And provides a salutary warning to those who do not treat cats with the respect they are due. Colt Harper is, by his own admission, the greatest of vampire cats; and, … Continue reading Esteemed Vampire Cat by Tyrolin Puxty

Samaritans by Jonathan Lynn

Mixing Vegas flash with US anti-socialised health care, Lynn provides an amusing juxtaposition that reveals itself to be neither as laughable not as big a juxtaposition as the reader hoped; but remains darkly entertaining. Max Green is the best manager in the almost best of Las Vegas casino-hotels. But being that great means recognising Vegas … Continue reading Samaritans by Jonathan Lynn