Season of the Cultist

Haiku are closely associated with Zen, a philosophy which suggests human life has no intrinsic elevated value and reality is not as most people perceive it. Although often rather less bleak in expression, this view of existence will be immediately recognizable to Lovecraft fans as very similar to cosmicism. So, as I like both haiku … Continue reading Season of the Cultist

Bonus Friday*

Today is apparently Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. In the spirit of small joys, have a haiku: Sun on scorched fields Two children sitting in dust Watch a lizard dance *A US Grilled Cheese Sandwich is traditionally fried rather than grilled so today is a fry day.


A poetry community to which I belong selected one of my haiku for October Poem of the Month. Which obviously brought me joy, but also highlighted how subjective the experience of poetry can be. A little cuckoo Echoes from beneath my feet A cave in winter The haiku is part of an ongoing series shaped … Continue reading Cucku

One of my weekly haiku has just been selected as the latest featured poem by the Poets Soul community on MeWe. Which seemed like a good reason to share it: Waters warming now Barriers melting away Darkness also freed