Calling Cthulhu

I was reminded today that my post on another network setting out a ritual to summon Cthulhu continues to draw positive attention. Which caused me to remark to myself that I had not provided this most useful technique to readers of my blog. A lapse I herein rectify. The summoning of Cthulhu depend foremost of … Continue reading Calling Cthulhu

Darkness Expanding

Two of the stripped-down aspects of Graham Walmsley's Cthulhu Dark are having a very limited skill system and not having an experience system. Which makes great sense in a system designed to be bleak enough that there's a risk of several characters dying or suffering extreme mental collapse in a session. However, a few of … Continue reading Darkness Expanding

The Answer to Every Investigator’s Worst Nightmare

Do you find yourself needing to display the power and majesty of the Empire, without causing the more delicate members of your expedition to swoon at the sight of your power and majesty? I might have the solution. I know I'll be happier during an attack by chthonic entities knowing I don't have to choose … Continue reading The Answer to Every Investigator’s Worst Nightmare

She Dares to Walk in Shadows

I've just finished She Walks in Shadows (ed. Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles), and I have to say one of the criticisms levelled at it seems to be true. Fortunately. She Walks in Shadows is an anthology of Lovecraftian stories written by women, each of which has a significant female character in it. As … Continue reading She Dares to Walk in Shadows

No Journey Without Song

With the final day and a bit of the UK Referendum on EU Membership filling my feeds, I felt the need to offer an alternative. Whether you've become bored with the same sound-bites or just wish a little entertainment, I hope this offering from the ever-cthonic HP Lovecraft Historical Society will Yogsotherate your day: reading No Journey Without Song

Why Do Average Things Happen to Average People?

Political Correctness. Affirmative Action. Safe Spaces. Any change in favour of a group also imposes a change on others outside the group. So, why does the good to some people outweigh the bad to others? A few days ago, I came across a reignited debate over the World Fantasy Awards replacing the H P Lovecraft … Continue reading Why Do Average Things Happen to Average People?