Call of Catthulhu, Book I: The Nekonomikon by Joel Sparks

While laden with allusions to the works of Lovecraft, this rule book focuses on simulating cats in the liminal zone between realistic and fantastical, very definitely giving it the feel of Eliot not Ulthar. The world faces many threats, from the mundane dog to the eldritch Snarlyhotep and Phatproggua. While saving civilisation from these threats … Continue reading Call of Catthulhu, Book I: The Nekonomikon by Joel Sparks

Cosmic Laughter

Many people allege cosmicism is bleak; however, this is to ignore the Prophet Lovecraft’s dictum that the universe is comedy. In glimpse of this, yesterday I found a Yog-Sothothic joke roiling in my mind; whether this shift in my mental state is a sign I am overcoming the slight foulness I acquired from Tenebrae or … Continue reading Cosmic Laughter

Once There Was

Art is strange. Wonderful. Tragic. Beautiful. But strange. Much like this performance of Nina McNeely's contemporary dance piece “Once There Was III”. The seven-minute piece is... well, what is it? Babylonian myth reset in the modern age? Cyberpunk? McNeely gives a few minutes of explanation after but is that what the piece is? Certainly … Continue reading Once There Was

Yog-Sothoth Doesn’t Play Ball Games

Commentary on Lovecraftian horror often takes a fixed stance on Lovecraft's racism (was he a racist; is his work racist; does liking Lovecraft make you a racist) so this video by Athena Productions on whether art can be separated from artist was a pleasant surprise to my nuance-seeking mind. However, I noticed one critical factor … Continue reading Yog-Sothoth Doesn’t Play Ball Games

Proceeding in an Orderly Fashion

Earlier, I came across a theory that Inspector Legrasse suffered mental health issues following the Bayou raid, either from the raid itself, having the Cthulhu statue in his possession, or the cult attempting to recover the statue. While popular perception is that all Lovecraft's heroes go insane, I didn't recall Legrasse suffering a collapse. Rereading … Continue reading Proceeding in an Orderly Fashion