Greenstar: Messages from the Void 8

To mark the end of the Greenstar Season 3 release week, Simon and I would like to share two final quotes.

The first reveals that the Greenstar isn’t the only ship with quirks.

Greenstar Season 3 Quote 8

And the second provides a brief insight into Burger Supreme‘s citizen welfare rules.

Greenstar Season 3 Quotes 9

Pick up the full season here.


Greenstar: Messages from the Void 1

Greenstar Season 3 releases today.

As Season 3 picks up straight after Season 2, there aren’t any diaries this time. But you can have the first of our favourite quotes from the series:

Greenstar Season 3 Quote 1

If you’ve already finished your copy of Season 3 – or don’t care about spoilers – you can find out more about how we wrote it on Simon’s blog.

The ebook is currently half-price. Find your favourite retailer here.

And tune in tomorrow for another quote.

Greenstar Prepares For Launch

The ebook edition of Greenstar Season 3 is now on pre-order at many popular retailers with a release date of 1 December 2015.

Greenstar Season 3 Front CoverWhat if you really had to start again from scratch?

After saving Earth for the second time, Josie thought she finally had time to deal with personal business. But a booby trap in the Greenstar‘s engines meant she really got away from it all.

Trapped in a featureless void, with only the Greenstar’s crew and an equally odd interloper for company, she discovers that even being the first woman in a new universe won’t protect her from having to solve everyone else’s problems.

The retail price will be $5.99/£5.99/equivalent. However, to celebrate the release we’re offering it at a discount price of $2.99/£2.99/&c. until 6 December.

Find it at these retailers:

Amazon: Greenstar Season 3 Kobo: Greenstar Season 3 Gumroad: Greenstar Season 3 Smashwords: Greenstar Season 3

Some retailers have more stringent docking procedures, so if your favourite book source isn’t here or you want the paperback edition stay tuned for announcements.