International Women’s Day 2022: Carla Denyer

As International Women's Day 2022 is tomorrow, today's post is a short paean to the rather inspiring Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party since 2021. Her years reading mechanical engineering, working in the renewable energy sector, and serving as a Bristol City councillor are filled with many great achievements, but here are a few … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2022: Carla Denyer

Green Joy

The Green Party Conference was last weekend, marked—among other things—by the first speech of Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsey as new Co-leaders of the Party. As the last forever years show, pretty speeches don't necessarily result in progress, but I found this one inspiring. I love the clear enthusiasm to learn the lessons of … Continue reading Green Joy

Deep Green

The Green Party are joint largest party in Bristol City Council. Sandy Hore-Ruthven, the Green Party candidate, was in clear second place for Mayor. Joy? Deep Joy! Hearing the Greens had more seats was good, but seeing it on the map really drove it home: I'm a firm believer that politics works better when people … Continue reading Deep Green

Green Shoots of Knowledge

With only a few days to go until the General Election, representatives of some parties are doubling down on the message that they are speaking for the nation. They might genuinely believe they are, but Parliament, the organisation they seek to be part of, isn't one person speaking for everyone, it's many representatives discussing perspectives … Continue reading Green Shoots of Knowledge