Stonefish by Scott R. Jones

Jones summons forth abstruse theology in the language of dystopian thriller, creating the thinking person’s visceral cosmic dread. Years ago, tech mogul and futurist guru Gregor Makarios disappeared completely from public record. However, Den Secord, a journalist for a minor virtual reality publication, finds a fragment that somehow escaped the purge. Following a hunch that … Continue reading Stonefish by Scott R. Jones

Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case

Case filters Abrahamic dualism through the lens of post-modern subjectivity to create a religious thriller that both relies on artists rather than academics and treats the mystery at the heart of things as genuinely magical rather than merely political. Elizabeth Megalos works as a bank teller in St. Louis, another art-school graduate who gave in, … Continue reading Wild, Dark Times by Austin Case

Silent Clarion by Matthew Graybosch

Combining full-on metal, metaphysical AI’s, and survival horror, Graybosch creates science-fiction that is both emotionally and intellectually satisfying. This review is based on an advanced copy of the entire novel, rather than the serialisation. While every attempt has been made to minimise transcendence of physical knowledge, parts of the review might trigger an n-dimensional vector … Continue reading Silent Clarion by Matthew Graybosch