Hawthorne High by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth transports the trappings of a classic ghost story to the tawdry dystopia of a US high school, amplifying the exclusion faced by those whose life includes—or publicly includes—other than the narrow list of socially acceptable things. Dylan Hatfield’s grandmother suffers from dementia. And, ever since moving to Hawthorne, Dylan has been followed by imaginary … Continue reading Hawthorne High by Jordan Elizabeth

Go Back to Sleep by Robert Scott-Norton

Scott-Norton fuses the newly acquired knowledge of the supernatural with the embedded sense of duty owed to family, creating a tale of a psychic moving from witness to investigator under emotionally charged circumstances. This novel is the third in Norton’s Dark Corners series. Venturing beyond this point may reveal... Secrets from the Past! After being … Continue reading Go Back to Sleep by Robert Scott-Norton

The Phantom Oracle by Matthew S. Cox

Cox displays the issues of starting college through the dark lens of vampirism, creating a teenage vampire tale that has much to interest both horror readers of all ages and members of non-existent Hermetic orders. This novel is the fifth in the Vampire Innocent series. So, there are probably spoilers ahead. With vampirism having ruined … Continue reading The Phantom Oracle by Matthew S. Cox

Eternity in a Plain of Sand

Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween. Names change, but the image of the dead dancing endured. And we did. Not a macabre dance but dance nevertheless. Because the gates opened for those who’d fulfilled their final task, accepted loved ones would survive without them, realised they deserved release. But the key was always the living. We … Continue reading Eternity in a Plain of Sand

Kissed by Literature: A Collection of Short Stories by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth layers nuances of character, plot, and world onto the basic frame of a fireside mystery to produce tales that capture the universal fear that danger lurks just beyond the light without becoming repetitive. This collection contains thirty-six short stories by the author. While they do divide into several settings and styles, the majority echo … Continue reading Kissed by Literature: A Collection of Short Stories by Jordan Elizabeth

Cast No Shadows by Curiosity Quills

Twenty-six authors provide their spin on one of the oldest stories known to humankind: the ghost story This anthology contains 36 stories of various lengths and styles. With an area as old as the ghost story, it is perhaps unsurprising that none of these stories breaks new ground. However, each author puts their own detail … Continue reading Cast No Shadows by Curiosity Quills

Victorian by Jordan Elizabeth

Combining the all-consuming intensity of teenage concerns with the tropes of classic ghost stories, Elizabeth amplifies the tension of each. Outwardly different yet each having their own reason for hiding, Celeste and Weronika volunteer at the local Victorian Fair. At first it seems a haven from their problems; but as the summer progresses, working for … Continue reading Victorian by Jordan Elizabeth

How To Date Dead Guys by Ann M. Noser

Interweaving young romance, survivor guilt, and the supernatural while keeping a firm base of normal, average, US college life, Noser creates a story that provides occult mystery and the travails of love without allowing either to steal the limelight. Emma Roberts is a responsible student, putting her college essays ahead of partying, volunteering as a … Continue reading How To Date Dead Guys by Ann M. Noser