Ethically Dicey?

From lucky socks to not having sex at particular times, hobbies are full of superstitions; and tabletop roleplaying games are no exception. But are they something to be embraced, countered, or just ignored? I'm currently playing in two tabletop games. During the last two sessions of both of them, at least one friend has commented … Continue reading Ethically Dicey?

Me Against Him, Him and Me Against the World

Many authors—perhaps joking, perhaps not—have commented that their characters have a life of their own, and from a certain perspective they aren't wrong; but no amount of characters working against their author can equal the tendency of the standard party of player characters to not stay together. Perhaps the answer is to rely on the … Continue reading Me Against Him, Him and Me Against the World

The Cursed Codex by Matthew S. Cox

Treating both childhood and roleplaying games with seriousness while remaining aware of their more absurd aspects, Cox creates a fantasy tale that is accessible to younger readers without sacrificing the tension and complexity more mature readers seek. Thirteen-year-old Keith Croft has been invisible for his entire school life: not a brainiac; not a jock; not … Continue reading The Cursed Codex by Matthew S. Cox

The Awesomeness Before The Court

The unreal trial I mentioned last week has now happened; and I won. In celebration of my victory, here's a photograph of my best sexy raven impression: For those interested, the key point turned on interpretation of 16th Century Canon law regarding the seal of the confessional, and a great many instances of sweeping and … Continue reading The Awesomeness Before The Court

That Sinking Feeling

As part of my quest to play instalments of games before the one that follows goes on discount, I started playing Fallout: New Vegas last week. So far, it's been great fun: the revisited content and mechanisms are comforting rather than stale; the new content and mechanisms provide excitement rather than frustration; even the return … Continue reading That Sinking Feeling

The Game’s a Thing, Some of the Time

Crissy Moss posted an article earlier today on the wonders of playing games. Both Garrett Robinson and Simon Cantan enthuse about games they have played. There is (unsurprisingly) a correlation between enjoying games and being a writer. However, there might also be a conflict. I have been an avid roleplayer for decades and, ever since … Continue reading The Game’s a Thing, Some of the Time