the Light by Jim Alexander

Alexander portrays a world fundamentally different from our own yet also almost identical, creating an exciting and immersive tale that also casts a light on humanity’s relationship with death. Following a sublime event, humans gained the ability to know that this is the day they will die—although not how. A knowledge that can be confirmed … Continue reading the Light by Jim Alexander

Beneath a Three-Lobed Eye

Events reminded me of a recent discussion I had on whether Nyarlathotep might really destroy humanity and how he might do it. Unsurprisingly, my thoughts drew upon nuances of meaning: specifically, what one means by “Nyarlathotep” and “destroy”. Of all the Old Ones and other vast beings of Lovecraft's stories, Nyarlathotep is one of the … Continue reading Beneath a Three-Lobed Eye

H+ incorporated by Gary Dejean

Dejean neither confines himself to the provably likely nor indulges in flights of fancy, creating a story that is both futurist narrative and cyberpunk thriller. When disastrous floods hit Manila, political corruption let corporations buy not only an unfair share of safe ground but a tighter hold on government itself. Already reeling from the loss … Continue reading H+ incorporated by Gary Dejean

Instrument of a Brave New World

The mithering, obfuscating, qualifying, and backtracking started less than 24 hours after the Paris agreement saddens me; and I've already contacted key members of Parliament to tell them. But I still have hope we can return to the upward path; and what represents a better future better than a piano reciting environmental law? As … Continue reading Instrument of a Brave New World