The Sound of One Man Clowning

While miming and other physical theatre are a large part of clowning, not all clowns are silent. And certainly not all authors who write about clowns are silent. In addition to writing stories, Robert Morgan Fisher—whose story, “I, Clown” features in Bloody Red Nose: Fifteen Fears of a Clown—is a vocal artist. So, laddies and … Continue reading The Sound of One Man Clowning

The King in Grey

It appears I am not alone in casting clowns as positive rather than negative social forces. I have just discovered that “a New Zealand man facing the ax (sic) at work brought a support clown to his recent redundancy meeting…”.(New York Post). Which of course raises a rather important question. Which other figures that conjure … Continue reading The King in Grey

Fears of a Clown Anthologies Released

Happy Friday the 13th. Both volumes of my Fears of a Clown anthology project are now available from major retailers in paperback and eBook. While actual coulrophobia is rare, many people find clowns scary rather than amusing; and modern media fans that fear. But, what if—instead of being serial killers and Scooby-Doo villains—they were victims … Continue reading Fears of a Clown Anthologies Released

Call for Submissions: Fears of a Clown

Toward the end of last year, Misha Burnett challenged the Nasty, Brutish, and Short writing group to each compile and release an anthology this year. As Fauxpocalypse, a project he conceived, marked the start of my career as a professional author, it felt right to not only accept but dive in. So, I'm issuing a … Continue reading Call for Submissions: Fears of a Clown