The Wind Mage and the Wolf by Stephanie Flint

Flint blends aspects of spy thriller with an interesting fantasy society to create a novella that asks questions about what freedom actually is without ceasing to be an engaging tale of magical action. Livena, an illegal mage suffering a truth curse, fled her homeland for the city of Ashan in the company of an ex-mage … Continue reading The Wind Mage and the Wolf by Stephanie Flint

Seventh Wife of the Demon King by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends romance with politics to create a fantasy novella that does not equate personal happiness with happily ever after. Generations ago, demons conquered the kingdom. Lord Robin, one of the current demon king’s nobles, has lived a privileged by tedious life until Katherine literally crashes into him. His body reacts as if she is … Continue reading Seventh Wife of the Demon King by Jordan Elizabeth

Deep Silence by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth blends Regency society, magic, and political tensions to create a spy thriller where gadgets sit plausibly beside discussions of dresses. Discovered with no memory of her past, Audra is taken in by an orphanage. With no other prospects, staying on as a teacher seems a better option than the workhouse. However, when the son … Continue reading Deep Silence by Jordan Elizabeth

Keeping It Wheel?

Last week, the social media archons decided my reality should feature discussion of the question “If one of your players wanted to play a character in a wheelchair, would you make your dungeons accessible?” My answer—no doubt unsurprisingly to frequent readers—is: it depends on the exact circumstance. The question hides another one: if one of … Continue reading Keeping It Wheel?

The Sapphire Soul by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends the issues that arise after the hero has saved the kingdom with the additional complexities of non-standard relationships and an engaging world of his own making. This novel is the third volume in the Eldritch Heart series. As Cox himself said at the start of the previous book, sharp pointy spoilers ahead. Having … Continue reading The Sapphire Soul by Matthew S. Cox

Lock by Jordan Elizabeth

Blending the classic fantasy tropes of prophecy and travelling to another realm with a more complex view of saviours, Elizabeth creates a young adult novel that offers a grittier perspective on a chosen one facing evil without reducing everything to moral relativism. Having spent most of her moving from Renaissance Fair to Renaissance Fair, Sarah … Continue reading Lock by Jordan Elizabeth

Through Thick and Thin: A Menopausal Superhero Short Story Collection by Samantha Bryant

Bryant blends the cinematic display of classic superhero fiction with the emotional nuances of real life to create fast-paced action that focuses on women and minorities but will not appeal only to them. This collection contains four short stories set in The Menopausal Superheroes universe, revealing details of events not shown in the novels. As … Continue reading Through Thick and Thin: A Menopausal Superhero Short Story Collection by Samantha Bryant

Little, Big: Talking with John Crowley

A little while ago, Mythaxis Review offered me the chance to interview John Crowley. The finished conversation has just been released. While perhaps best known for Little, Big (winner of one of the several World Fantasy Awards that he holds), John Crowley’s work spans many genres, fiction and non-fiction, books and documentary films. In conversation … Continue reading Little, Big: Talking with John Crowley

Wavebreaker: Flood by A.J. Norfield

Norfield builds on the plots established in the first half of Wavebreaker, providing new perspectives and conflicts without contradicting the established world. This novel is the third in the Stone Wars series. Possible spoilers ahead. Trista and Dalkeira are, officially at least, welcome within the Minai; however, the acceptance of outsiders strains relationships that already … Continue reading Wavebreaker: Flood by A.J. Norfield