Is Sorcery Unnatural?

I've played a lot of Conan Exiles recently. As I'm playing single player, I have the ability to allow admin commands to be used in game; which raised the question of whether or not I should maintain strict separation between "I am playing the game" and "I am running the program". After some thought, I … Continue reading Is Sorcery Unnatural?

I Discovered They Were a Gilman

It is easy to say that the debate on whether one can separate Lovecraft's work from his beliefs will never be resolved. However, I think the underlying question is still worth asking: because deciding whether or not to read a dead author's work isn't the only judgement we make in life. Synchronicity summoned up the … Continue reading I Discovered They Were a Gilman

The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey

Hickey mixes theories of mind, characterful situations, and reader choice to produce a book that is both an interesting story and a blurred mirror on the reader’s free will. You are offered a place on a scientific study into whether human choices can be predicted a week in advance. You are a potential juror in … Continue reading The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey

A Box Without a Label

The National Trust is potentially facing a formal probe over its investigation into links between its properties and slavery. Do I think this is warranted? Seventeen. Earlier this year the National Trust released a interim review with the catchy title Connections between colonialism and Properties now in the care of the National Trust, including links … Continue reading A Box Without a Label

A House Without Windows Has No Light

Paul A Kramer's talk below comes from the perspective of the US Immigration debate; however, with Boris Johnson proposing a strict points-based immigration system for the United Kingdom, Kramer's insight resonated with me. You will be unsurprised that, as an artist myself, I am uncomfortable with reducing any human being to a single measure … Continue reading A House Without Windows Has No Light