A Box Without a Label

The National Trust is potentially facing a formal probe over its investigation into links between its properties and slavery. Do I think this is warranted? Seventeen. Earlier this year the National Trust released a interim review with the catchy title Connections between colonialism and Properties now in the care of the National Trust, including links … Continue reading A Box Without a Label

Casting the Last Straw

Imagine you're driving along the road and someone cuts you up. I suspect you at least thought about swearing. Maybe thought about leaning on the horn. Did you think about writing a letter to the newspaper asking people to drive more carefully? Now, imagine you arrive at work and find a parking space, but just … Continue reading Casting the Last Straw

A House Without Windows Has No Light

Paul A Kramer's talk below comes from the perspective of the US Immigration debate; however, with Boris Johnson proposing a strict points-based immigration system for the United Kingdom, Kramer's insight resonated with me. https://www.ted.com/talks/paul_a_kramer_our_immigration_conversation_is_broken_here_s_how_to_have_a_better_one You will be unsurprised that, as an artist myself, I am uncomfortable with reducing any human being to a single measure … Continue reading A House Without Windows Has No Light