A Sprained Ankle of a Deal

After going into extra time, COP26 has produced a result. A result that has been cast as great or terrible by different sources. I'm still pondering the nuances but my immediate impression is that it's as good as falling from a second-storey window and spraining one's ankle. Imagine falling from the window, that hollow sensation … Continue reading A Sprained Ankle of a Deal

Rain Prevention Talisman

After an extended quest to obtain materials, determine sacred geometries, and prepare instruments of power, I have crafted an enduring artefact that prevents rain from falling upon my house. Yesterday morning, before my wife and I wrought our work, the weather forecast for my area was thunderstorms with a 100% chance of rain for every … Continue reading Rain Prevention Talisman

Instrument of a Brave New World

The mithering, obfuscating, qualifying, and backtracking started less than 24 hours after the Paris agreement saddens me; and I've already contacted key members of Parliament to tell them. But I still have hope we can return to the upward path; and what represents a better future better than a piano reciting environmental law? https://youtu.be/muCPjK4nGY4 As … Continue reading Instrument of a Brave New World

Standing On The Shoulders of Each Other

Nicola Vincent-Abnett posted an inspiring article this morning which splits people into four groups by level of technological access. If you are reading this you are almost certainly in the highest, and therefore most energy-consuming, group. As she points out, the onus is on us as members of the group to both reduce consumption and … Continue reading Standing On The Shoulders of Each Other