…With More Feeling!

Thoughts on double-plus good writing are double-plus good. This morning, I discovered some notes I'd made years ago, which included this quote from Cliff Seal: "No one has ever been offended by proper grammar or proper sentence structure. No one has ever emailed you to say I really wish you would use six more exclamation … Continue reading …With More Feeling!

A Heavy Tongue

Seeking diversity in fiction can be a burden. Not one equal to the issues it seeks to correct, but enough that I can understand why it doesn't spread as easily as it might. When I started serialising Seven Stones, several subscribers commented that they found Anessa a very sympathetic character because she was a competent … Continue reading A Heavy Tongue

Upon the Casting of Pods

The first episode of the Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast, hosted by Simon Cantan and me, is now available for free on iTunes. Or watch the replay on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V52WB3vbiIA And you can do more than watch: We're looking for a third co-host: whether you're published several series or have the first manuscript that you feel … Continue reading Upon the Casting of Pods

Beta-Reading: Reader Standards

Following on from Monday's post about how authors might best treat their beta-readers, my thoughts on how beta-readers might best treat authors. Guiding Principle: You are receiving the outcome of a huge amount of hard work for free. Beta-readers who are also writers will need no reminding; for everyone else, the book you receive - … Continue reading Beta-Reading: Reader Standards

Beta-Reading: Author Standards

Many authors take the sensible step of sending their work to beta readers before they publish. However, especially with the greater reach granted by social media and online writing communities, there is a risk of differing expectations. So here are my thoughts on what is and isn't a reasonable approach: today, how authors should treat … Continue reading Beta-Reading: Author Standards

Are There Any Listeners in the Audience Tonight?

Today a request for feedback from my fine audience: do any of you listen to audio-books? I don't really listen to audio-books; therefore I am looking for insight into what listeners do and don't want. So, if you are an avid audio-book listener I am interested in your preferences. Do you want sound-effects? Do they … Continue reading Are There Any Listeners in the Audience Tonight?

The Difference Between Listening and Hearing

The polishing for Season One of Greenstar proceeds apace, so we are on target to release early Autumn. Therefore, reachers for the further prize that we are, Simon and I are working on putting out Season One as an audio book later this year as well. To which end I have spent the morning considering … Continue reading The Difference Between Listening and Hearing

One Improvement Does Not Progress Make

One of the default questions in the Goodreads’ ‘Ask the Author’ scheme is “What is the best thing about being a writer?” Best is a very big word, so I have been giving it due consideration. I am still considering a number of possibilities, but one of the strongest candidates was flexibility; as an author-publisher … Continue reading One Improvement Does Not Progress Make

The Nitty Gritty of Self Editing a Draft

On Monday I made a guest appearance on Simon Cantan’s Nitty Gritty of Writing a Novel series. Hopefully you will enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it: http://youtu.be/OzWBvjbPFhI What I left out was my Step Zero: read hundreds of books every year across every genre while training and working as a lawyer … Continue reading The Nitty Gritty of Self Editing a Draft

Writing Process Blog Tour

Fiona Pearse invited me to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour. As I have both enjoyed reading several of the previous participants and heartily recommend Fiona's first book, Orla’s Code, I had no qualms about accepting. Read on for some insight into my writing processes and three more authors who are worth checking … Continue reading Writing Process Blog Tour