Crab Buckets

Sometimes trying to escape the drear that is the morning news can lead one into equally murky thoughts. And pondering of whether one is actually in one of the dystopias one didn't want to be. One of my common morning behaviours is doing the daily challenges in a solitaire app. I find a few games … Continue reading Crab Buckets

Muffin It Up

Over the weekend I had a startling revelation about how the misperception of technology makes the ineffective seem deliberate. On Saturday, I noticed an email in my spam folder that seemed almost identical to one I'd received and deleted on Friday. Obviously, I didn't feel the need to read the same information twice but I … Continue reading Muffin It Up

Ascendant Revolution by Matthew S. Cox

Cox continues to seamlessly blend the mature and complex issues of a wildly unfair technological society with a youthful view point to create fast-paced, accessible science fiction with depth. This is the third book in the Faded Skies series. Spoilers might occur. Maya has adopted parents and an adopted sister who love her; and, after … Continue reading Ascendant Revolution by Matthew S. Cox

Nuclear Summer by Matthew S. Cox

Cox continues his plausible portrayal of a possible post-apocalyptic society with the longer-term dilemmas and challenges that come once a settlement has survived the initial struggle to form. This novel is the fourth in the Evergreen series. Risk of spoiler contamination beyond this point. Nearly a year after nuclear war shattered the United States, Harper … Continue reading Nuclear Summer by Matthew S. Cox

Ghost Runner by Vera Brook

Brook combines a strong grasp of human behaviour with an imaginative technodystopia, creating a cyberpunk thriller that has both style and substance. This is the third volume in the Sand Runner series. Possible spoilers for previous volumes ahead. Reunited with Emily, the woman he loves, Kai is determined to keep her safe: but doing that … Continue reading Ghost Runner by Vera Brook

Stonefish by Scott R. Jones

Jones summons forth abstruse theology in the language of dystopian thriller, creating the thinking person’s visceral cosmic dread. Years ago, tech mogul and futurist guru Gregor Makarios disappeared completely from public record. However, Den Secord, a journalist for a minor virtual reality publication, finds a fragment that somehow escaped the purge. Following a hunch that … Continue reading Stonefish by Scott R. Jones

The Girl Who Found the Sun by Matthew S. Cox

Cox takes the familiar post-apocalyptic tropes of survivors huddling in a bunker, failing technology, dystopian government, and possible conspiracy, and weaves them with nuances of his own to produce a tale that is fresh yet familiar. As toxins devastated Earth, a few survivors withdrew to the Arc, an underground sanctuary. The computers which stored much … Continue reading The Girl Who Found the Sun by Matthew S. Cox

the Light by Jim Alexander

Alexander portrays a world fundamentally different from our own yet also almost identical, creating an exciting and immersive tale that also casts a light on humanity’s relationship with death. Following a sublime event, humans gained the ability to know that this is the day they will die—although not how. A knowledge that can be confirmed … Continue reading the Light by Jim Alexander

Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth shrinks the post-apocalyptic settlement trope down almost to a single family, starkly portraying how close the edge of human control becomes without ubiquitous civilisation. One moment, Zara is wondering whether her uncle will turn his music down enough that she can revise and what the searing flash outside the kitchen window is. The next … Continue reading Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth