Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth

Elizabeth shrinks the post-apocalyptic settlement trope down almost to a single family, starkly portraying how close the edge of human control becomes without ubiquitous civilisation. One moment, Zara is wondering whether her uncle will turn his music down enough that she can revise and what the searing flash outside the kitchen window is. The next … Continue reading Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth

Prophet’s Journey by Matthew S. Cox

This novel is a post-apocalyptic road movie through the eyes of an innocent, both providing a story filled with adventure and peril, and questioning whether the collapse of civilisation must leave us uncivilised. The events of this book take place after Cox's The Awakened series. Spoilers ahead. Following the defeat of Archon, Althea has returned … Continue reading Prophet’s Journey by Matthew S. Cox

Wild Frontiers: Such is the Nature of the Change

We continue our ride through Wild Frontiers with an extract from Stephen M. Coghlan's ‘Such is the Nature of the Change’, a tale not of the West That Was but of a West That Might Be where gunslingers stride the edge of civilisation again. The massed choir was rough in tone and agonized in note, … Continue reading Wild Frontiers: Such is the Nature of the Change

Changeling by Stephanie Flint

Flint mixes interesting characters, futuristic technologies, and classic thriller tropes to create a cyberpunk fairy tale. This novel is the second in the Huntress series. Danger of atemporal data acquisition ahead. Following the fall of President Koenigin, members of Koenigin Corporation are manoeuvring for advantage and outside forces are demanding independent investigations of alleged crimes. … Continue reading Changeling by Stephanie Flint

The World That Remains by Matthew S. Cox

Cox fuses the scarcity of resources and breakdown of civility of post-apocalyptic narratives with the personal focus of young adult fiction to create a survival thriller driven by character not trappings. This novel is the sequel to Evergreen. Danger of narrative contamination past this point. After escaping the gang-ridden ruins of her home for Evergreen, … Continue reading The World That Remains by Matthew S. Cox

Evergreen by Matthew S. Cox

Cox builds a very personal narrative on a foundation of modern science to create a post-apocalyptic story that captures the scale of nuclear devastation without losing its human impact. Two months ago, nuclear missiles struck towns and cities across the United States. Far enough from the nearest target to survive the attack, seventeen-year-old Harper Cody … Continue reading Evergreen by Matthew S. Cox

Huntress by Stephanie Flint

Mixing the most superficial of events, a beauty contest, with the enduring question of when means justify ends and a young protagonist, Flint creates a cyberpunk tale that will appeal to both fans of techno-thrillers and young adult dystopias. Koenigin Corp offers augmentations and nanite treatments that can cure someone’s ills or make them better … Continue reading Huntress by Stephanie Flint

Fractured Skies by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

The Flints mix the ethics of regime change, magic, future technology, and teenage angst to create a tale that is both an extravaganza of fantastical events and a nuanced exploration of moral choice. This novel is the second in the Distant Horizons series, and includes events that happen at the same time as the Glitch … Continue reading Fractured Skies by Stephanie Flint & Isaac Flint

Out of Sight by Matthew S. Cox

Blending the common truths of being a teenager and being homeless with engaging science fiction world building and exciting challenges, Cox creates a tale that will interest fans of young adult, social commentary, and ripping yarns alike. Wars, disasters, and social collapse have turned Earth into to a single city-state distributed throughout the urban wasteland … Continue reading Out of Sight by Matthew S. Cox