Twelve Hours to Midnight

Andrea glanced at the email. The Doomsday Clock had gone back yet another hour. Barely news. Maybe before the weather. How did it go...? DC station recorded street interviews on Christmas wishes. Cue cute Asian girl saying all she wanted was her daddy not to get ‘sploded. Sheer coincidence the next show was a documentary … Continue reading Twelve Hours to Midnight

Impersonating Oneself

Aurelius strode gracefully. Halloween was the perfect time of the year; men almost stood out more if they didn’t wear make-up or ape horrors. A time to hunt without the fear his appearance might reveal him. And even a few days after costume parties let him hide in sight. Tonight it ended though. Tomorrow the … Continue reading Impersonating Oneself

Eternity in a Plain of Sand

Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween. Names change, but the image of the dead dancing endured. And we did. Not a macabre dance but dance nevertheless. Because the gates opened for those who’d fulfilled their final task, accepted loved ones would survive without them, realised they deserved release. But the key was always the living. We … Continue reading Eternity in a Plain of Sand

One Nation Under The Law

John cowered behind the remains of his cousin’s pick-up as the shooting range burnt. How’d it all gone to shit so fast? Everything’d seemed on the right track. He’d thought nothing would top seeing Reverend Newton, a real Christian, being sworn in as President. Until the angels came. Perfect beings descending to affirm the Constitution. … Continue reading One Nation Under The Law

Things Unseen

“To summarise, reiteration of scripture and, always, smiles.” Adam spread his arms. “Questions? Simon? No need to be shy; we’re here to learn.” “If they haven’t accepted Christ they might not believe the Bible. What if they ask for proof?” “Just tell them the Bible is true.” “But, I read an article that said beliefs … Continue reading Things Unseen

The Truth and Nothing But

Isaac studied the database. Every language uploaded. Every rule and exception catalogued. And whether the culture that spoke it said language came from the divine. Centuries of Kabbalists hadn’t found the answers, because Hebrew wasn’t the sacred language; merely one of them. Tracing back, removing human languages, would reveal the language of creation. This program … Continue reading The Truth and Nothing But