The Shadow Fixer by Matthew S. Cox

Cox merges science-fiction, the supernatural, and classic detective drama to produce a story where each enhances the others. This is the sixth volume of Cox’s Division Zero series. Spoilers for previous books might leap out, rise up, or otherwise manifest after this point. After fighting creatures of the Abyss, reports of ghostly property damage and … Continue reading The Shadow Fixer by Matthew S. Cox

Harbinger by Matthew S. Cox

Combining gritty technological thrills with complex supernatural investigations, Cox provides another novel filled with both cyberpunk action and metaphysical complexity. This novel is the fifth in Cox’s Division Zero series. It also refers to events in The Awakened series. High risk of post-cognitive contamination beyond this point. Lieutenant Kirsten Wren feels like she’s finally in … Continue reading Harbinger by Matthew S. Cox

Guardian by Matthew S. Cox

Cox fuses psionics and cyberpunk with a political thriller, producing a tale that is equally detective procedural and high-speed action. This novel is the fourth in the Division Zero series. Proceeding past this point without reading previous volumes might induce precognitive dissonance (c.f. slang dictionary: spoilers). Returning from a month’s recuperative leave, Agent Kirsten Wren … Continue reading Guardian by Matthew S. Cox

Thrall by Matthew S. Cox

Cox blends demonology and cybernetics with social commentary to produce a story that provides both accessibility and depth. This novel is volume three in the Division Zero series. The author accepts no liability for mnemonic contamination to readers proceeding past this point. Agent Kirsten Wren should be happy: her adoption of Evan is proceeding smoothly; … Continue reading Thrall by Matthew S. Cox

Lex De Mortuis by Matthew S. Cox

Building on the interwoven threads of high-tech dystopia and emergent mental powers from Division Zero, Cox shows the reader one possible answer to the question of religion in a science-fiction world without sacrificing the visceral action of a cyberpunk thriller. This novel is the second volume in the Division Zero series. Therefore, spoilers loom ahead. … Continue reading Lex De Mortuis by Matthew S. Cox

Division Zero by Matthew S Cox

Balancing fast-paced, street-level cyber-strife with psychological (and psionic) nuance, Cox makes the reader feel the decaying substance beneath the frenetic style. Rampant corporations tore the old world apart in their struggle for economic supremacy. Now those same corporations all but rule the technological enclaves scattered across the tainted wastelands that were nations. Caught between these … Continue reading Division Zero by Matthew S Cox