The King in Grey

It appears I am not alone in casting clowns as positive rather than negative social forces. I have just discovered that “a New Zealand man facing the ax (sic) at work brought a support clown to his recent redundancy meeting…”.(New York Post). Which of course raises a rather important question. Which other figures that conjure … Continue reading The King in Grey

Horror Fiction Double Feature

Both volumes of the Fears of a Clown duology now have video trailers. Available now for your viewing pleasure in DaVision™! Deadman Humour Find your favourite retailer here. Bloody Red Nose Find your favourite retailer here.

Fears of a Clown Anthologies Released

Happy Friday the 13th. Both volumes of my Fears of a Clown anthology project are now available from major retailers in paperback and eBook. While actual coulrophobia is rare, many people find clowns scary rather than amusing; and modern media fans that fear. But, what if—instead of being serial killers and Scooby-Doo villains—they were victims … Continue reading Fears of a Clown Anthologies Released