Cheapjack Pulp 616 (2) by David Ulnar Slew (ed)

Thrills! Spills! Dark-hearted villains stalking the grimy streets of the urban jungle! And heroes with feet of muck! Do you dare enter... This Review!! This collection contains seven short stories, each unashamed pulp entertainment rather than high literature. Ulnar Slew divides the contents into Sci-fi/Fantasy/Dark Fantasy; Romance; Western and Adventure; and Detective and Horror; however, … Continue reading Cheapjack Pulp 616 (2) by David Ulnar Slew (ed)

Some Nitty, Some Gritty

The Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast now has a third co-host, Edward Sullivan (who publishes under David Ulnar-Slew). And, in clear evidence of the universe being more than random, he joined on a week I couldn't make the broadcast: so you lucky mooks didn't have to miss out. Of course, I am now jealous that … Continue reading Some Nitty, Some Gritty