The Tchaikovsky Finale by Darin Kennedy

Kennedy turns his mix of symbolism and realism on two works of Tchaikovsky, creating a tale filled with bleak situations, looming threats, and flawed protagonists but also strange beauty. This novel is the third in the Fugue & Fable series. Beyond this point, dance spoilers. Following Mira Tejedor’s second psychic battle with the devious Madame … Continue reading The Tchaikovsky Finale by Darin Kennedy

The Stravinsky Intrigue by Darin Kennedy

Kennedy fuses the archetypical symbolism of Stravinsky’s music with the individuality of modern life to create a tale of psychological exploration that is neither lacking in mystery nor overwhelmed with obscure metaphor. This novel is the second volume in the Fugue & Fable trilogy. As such, this review might contain some spoilers for The Mussorgsky … Continue reading The Stravinsky Intrigue by Darin Kennedy

Curiosity Quills: Chronology

This anthology contains 24 short stories of speculative fiction in a range of genres and styles. ‘Draconic King’ by James Wymore: seeing weakness in a neighbouring country, a young king attempts to convince the dragon who aided his ancestors to join his invasion. ‘Wind Up Hearts’ by Stan Swanson: two people, granted longevity by an … Continue reading Curiosity Quills: Chronology

The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy

Filled with the looming horror, comedy, hope, gritty images, and soaring possibilities of its inspiration, Kennedy has created a novel that encompasses several genres without sacrificing the depth of any. Mira Tejedor makes her career as a psychic, finding people and objects when others can’t. Compared to the harrowing images of a kidnapping case, the … Continue reading The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy